As some might know, I have been working in the crypto space as a researcher for about a year. A few months ago, I changed jobs to work in software development in parallel to my CS degree. Still doing research, I try to expand my writings into different fields, to share a bit of everything. Here is a short story I wrote while travelling. Enjoy.

People tend to compare life to a rollercoaster; the ups and downs, throwing you wild through the air and catching you right when you feel like the ground is falling apart beneath your feet, never knowing what the next curve will throw at you.

That’s the life you are shown on social media. However, once you take off the filter, what is left is not a perfect day in a theme park but a path. Your path. The path you walk, your past, your present, and your future. While a rollercoaster constantly pushes forward, sometimes against your will, this path gives you a choice. Do you want to go back, or continue? Maybe you choose to climb a tree in the hope to look ahead of the present, to gain control and prepare for the next steps.

No matter what you choose to do while you stand, you will not be able to control where you end up throughout the journey, what you will experience, the information you’ll gather, and the people you’ll meet.

Personally, I like to compare life to a bus ride. Moreover, several bus rides. You board the bus; perhaps with people around whom you might know, or surrounded by strangers. Maybe you are alone from the start and new people will only join at the next stop. People will come and go. Some will remain just for one ride, others for several. You might sit next to someone, holding hands, knowing this person like no one else in the bus, or you are left by yourself, wondering where the bus will stop next.

You look out of the window in the hope to gather clues on your next stop but all you see is the sun rising above the horizon. All you see are dusty clouds and the rain dripping against the window. All you see is fog. You feel lost, wondering if it will ever clear up. Maybe you will go to the driver and ask to take a different route. While you can request the destination, you have no control over your journey. You take a nap.

The next thing you remember is being awoken by the squeaky sound of the breaks. Another stop. You have a choice. You can leave the bus and start exploring wherever your ride has brought you, or you remain seated. Taking the leap and leaving the comfortable seats, which are already so familiar to you, might shorten your journey, or it might be the start of a new adventure.

Your butt is already squared from being seated for too long. You have the urge to breath in fresh air, stretch your feet and discover the place your journey has brought you on. Once you step out of the bus, the place might seem familiar, you might have been there before, or it might be undiscovered territory.

No matter where you are, no matter for how long you choose to stay, the people you meet, the conversations you have, you will end up on another bus, off to an unknown destination. But remember, you have a choice. This journey is not an endless loop. It has a start and an end. Moving forward, revisiting places but never going back in time.

You have been to the same place several times, gathered information, grown as a person, and now it’s time. You catch a deep breath, summon your strengths and you go to the driver to request a new destination.

And off you go to your next stop.

You might think you know where that will be but you cannot be certain. Remember, you are not the driver, you are a passenger of your destiny. The bus might crash, abruptly bringing your journey to a halt; or you will continue the ride, always faced with the uncertainty of how many people will board the same bus, where you will stop next, and if the next stop will be final. Remember you have a choice. Even the tiniest of your decisions will become part of the bigger picture, of your journey through life.

Developer Evangelist at Codefresh, 3 years crypto now DevOps Personal | More on GitOps

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