Understanding Blockchain Technologies — A Comprehensive Guide

I got interested in distributed ledger technologies and blockchain applications about 18 months ago, at the end of 2017, when I met the founders of Aragon. Instead of finishing my degree in Management Information Systems, I dropped out and started an online degree in Computer Science. My vision was to study while contributing to this exciting, new space.

One year later, I think about the kind of content that would have provided me a starting point in understanding the technology. Since most information is scattered across podcasts, Medium posts, Reddit, research papers, whitepapers etc., I thought of collecting and categorising what I have understood and read so far into several summaries. These summaries are for anyone who wants to get an overview on various blockchain design elements, get started in the space, or complement their current understanding.

Overview of Replicated Systems

Overview of Consensus Mechanisms

Overview of Scalability Solutions

Introduction to Cryptography

Introduction to Governance

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